• NEW! TRX 20 with Brooke

    A short blast full body burner suitable for all levels, though some previous TRX experience would be helpful.

  • TRX 25 with Brooke (upper body)

    A great upper body strength workout for all levels focusing on manageable bodyweight resistance training in a circuit style format.

  • TRX 25 with Brooke (lower body)

    A challenging lower body strength and plyometric session focusing on compound movements for optimal muscle activation. Finishing with a short core workout and inclusive of modifications for those new to TRX. 

  • TRX 45 with Brooke

    A full body strength training TRX class. Four circuits working lower body, upper, glutes and hamstrings + core. Aimed at the more experienced TRX user.

  • TRX 45 with Jon

    Musculation class with no jumps- close grip rows for the back and chest press…. for the chest! A very unpleassant abdominal finisher. (In Jon's words)

  • TRX 30 with Jon

    Legs Day! (No jumps) Squats and isometric holds, single leg squats + heel burns.

  • TRX Core With Brooke