SRT classes focus on strength based training, with bodyweight, weights and circuits. Each class will be different, offering a combination of exercises with weights, a CV pulse raiser and always a core finisher! Lean muscle mass and strength can only be maintained by adapting movement. Expect to feel stronger, challenged and motivated!

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  • FIT 20 with Brooke (tabata)

    A high intensity full body blast designed to get your heart rate up with short sharp work combined with minimal rest. Perfect to do if short of time for maximum return.

  • NEW! FIT 20 with Sophie

    High intensity, full body workout with weights using timed intervals with limited rest. Equipment: 2x lighter dumbells/2x heavy dumbells

  • FIT + CORE 45 with Brooke

    A fully body strength class using bodyweight intervals with isometric holds to maximise strength gains, finishing with a core focus. Come prepared to work hard, get sweaty and feel fab all day after!

  • FIT + CORE 45 with Brooke (2)

    An equipment free full body workout with a shoulder focus and isometric strengthening movements.

  • FIT 30 with Hannah

    A full body session, split into three circuits challenging strength, cardio and core.

  • FIT 25 with Brooke (tabata)

    A maximum effort full body workout, push yourself to the max! You will be working for short time at near maximum heart rate. Class will include warm up and lower intensity core section with a 4 minute Tabata (This is a high intensity true Tabata class which should only be undertaken if fully fit ...

  • FIT 25 with Brooke (weights)

    Brooke will take you through a dynamic strength training class with an energetic feel.

  • FIT 45 with Brooke (weights)

    A circuit style full body blast with weights. Lower and upper body combo with core to finish. Suitable for all levels using range of DBs.

  • FIT 45 with Hannah (2)

    Filmed as part of our livestreaming series Hannah takes you through a FIT 45 - expect humour in this one!

  • FIT 45 with Brooke

    Filmed as part of our live-streaming series, Brooke will take you through 45 minutes of high tempo body strength and conditioning.

  • FIT 45 with Hannah (weights)

    Hannah will take you through a weights session building strength in the lower and upper body, using circuits in between to get the heart rate up and ending with a nice strong core section to finish it off.