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  • RDE 35 with Camille (2)

  • RDE 45 with Camille (4)

    Our classic 45 minutes of high energy and low impact indoor cycling class takes place in a dark room with sound responsive DJ lights and a booming sound system. A variety of riding profiles plus upper body work using hand weights – expect to totally lose yourself and push the limits with an incre...

  • RDE 35 With Camille

    Short, sharp and intense. This is the perfect opportunity to push yourself for 35 minutes - flat out.

  • RDE 45 with Camille (2)

    Pre-exhausting your legs through testing endurance tracks building into a sprint climax; interspersed with hills and hovers to push you through the heavy beats of classic deep remixes.

  • RDE 45 with Camille (3)

    An uplifting, energising Rde class with Camille.

  • RDE 30 with Camille

    Heavy beats. A short, sharp and intense RDE class - no mess, "JUST WORK" in true Camille style.

  • RDE 45 with Camille

    A high energy RDE class with Camille, feel the beat, feel the bass and ride through some old school classics.