Amy is both hugely motivating and hugely inspirational. A body confidence advocate Amy immediately put's you at ease whilst pushing you to your absolute limits throughout your RDE. Incredibly strong with a huge get-up and go attitude you will fly through her RDE's feeling powerful and motivated whilst getting one of the best workout's of your life.

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  • NEW! RDE 45 with Amy (3)

  • NEW! RDE 45 with Amy (2)

    Our classic 45 minutes of high energy and low impact indoor cycling class takes place in a dark room with sound responsive DJ lights and a booming sound system. A variety of riding profiles plus upper body work using hand weights – expect to totally lose yourself and push the limits with an incre...

  • RDE 20 with Amy (2)

    A short but sweaty RDE working on building up the heart rate by adding in resistance with arms and core work.

  • RDE 20 with Amy

    Amy takes us through a short but intense RDE with sprints, endurance and climbs set to an epic base fuelled playlist.