RDE: Indoor Cycling

  • NEW! RDE 35 With Jaime (2)

  • NEW! RDE 15 with Lucy (climb)

    Intense session focussing on hill climbs - building power and stamina in the legs and core.

  • RDE 15 with Lucy (sprints)

    Intense 15 min workout focussing on speed.

  • RDE 35 With Hannah

    A shorter high intensity ride with climbs, sprints, endurance races and mixed terrains all to the backdrop of dance and trance.

  • RDE 35 With Camille

    Short, sharp and intense. This is the perfect opportunity to push yourself for 35 minutes - flat out.

  • RDE 35 With Jaime (2)

  • RDE 60 With Lucy

    Lucy will take you through an endurance RDE for 60 minutes, pushing boundaries and challenging stamina all to the beat of some awesome tunes!

  • RDE 90 With Lucy

    The ultimate in endurance - a full 90 minute class incorporating the complete speed spectrum from epic climbs to super sprints. Lose yourself in the music from hard house to 80s remixes!

  • RDE 20 With Sophie

    A quick, intense blast of hills, endurance runs, sprints and a press up track followed by a stretch.

  • RDE 45 with Jaime

    Filmed as part of our livestreaming series, Jaime takes you through a 45 minute RDE set to an awesome playlist to get you vibing!

  • RDE 35 With Jaime

    Join Jaime for a short and punchy 30 minute RDE session. She will take you through a series of heavy tracks and profiles to work those legs hard!

  • RDE 45 with Lucy

    This is a nice varied RDE with Lucy pushing through hill climbs, sprints and heavy sets to booming commercial house music

  • RDE 35 with Sarah

    Join Sarah for a short burst in this 30 minute RDE to blast the legs and get your heart rate pumping!

  • RDE 35 with Hannah

    Hannah's RDE 35 is another pure spin class focusing on speed, strength and endurance and pushing yourself to the max.  It’s a face paced spin experience to dance music where you will endure mountains, sprints and races challenging your legs and lungs to their limit.

  • RDE 45 With Sophie

  • RDE 30 With Lucy

    A 30 minute RDE class - maximum effort through hill climbs and sprints with a couple of 'Fisher' tracks to keep the baseline pumping!

  • RDE 30 with Camille

    Heavy beats. A short, sharp and intense RDE class - no mess, "JUST WORK" in true Camille style.

  • RDE 45 with Jaime (3)

    A little bit of Dr Dre, modern house and some old school dance tracks to get you moving through this diverse RDE class full of sprints, climbs and upper body weights track.

  • RDE 45 with Camille (3)

    An uplifting, energising Rde class with Camille.

  • RDE 40 with Sophie

    High energy RDE with a mix of sprints, hill climbs, endurance runs and arm tracks with press up and weights. Get ready to sweat buckets with this beauty!

  • RDE 45 with Camille (2)

    Pre-exhausting your legs through testing endurance tracks building into a sprint climax; interspersed with hills and hovers to push you through the heavy beats of classic deep remixes.

  • RDE 45 with Jaime (2)

    Jaime will take you through a heavy set of profiles to some old school hip hop and high energy house music in this live streamed session.

  • RDE 45 with Camille

    A high energy RDE class with Camille, feel the beat, feel the bass and ride through some old school classics.

  • RDE 25 with Jaime

    A short but super sweet RDE of sprints, heavy profiles and hovers to get the heart rate up quickly. A playlist of hard house music to push you through this cardio blast.