Our power RIDE's are designed to help you improve your speed and conditioning. There are many benefits to power RIDE's using power-based training zones such as achieving training structure, accurate fitness tracking, motivation, help in understanding your strengths and weaknesses to allow you to train smarter and to maximise your training time.

Most smart bikes have a power system that help measure the force you apply when cycling. Within our power RIDE sessions we work to the universal system of 7 zones, the first zone being very light and the final zone being your maximum limit. Each workout has noted in the description which zones you will be working within during the session which can be applied to any indoor cycling bike that has a power system installed. If you are a member of our RDE Club, you will be using our advanced IC6 train by colour bikes which have an in-built power system led by colour to help guide you through the 7 power zones, these are explained below and are used in all our RDE workouts.

Zone 1: white light (very light exertion)
Zone 2: blue light (light exertion)
Zone 3: green light (moderate exertion)
Zone 4: yellow light (hard exertion)
Zone 5: red light (very hard exertion)
Zone 6: circle of fire red light (sub-maximal exertion)
Zone 7: vortex burn light (absolute max exertion)

If you have any issues understanding your power zones, please refer to your bikes user manual.

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  • POWER RIDE 45 with Stacey (warriors)

    Take your climbing fitness to the next level in this 2x9 minute ascending cadence challenge. We've all experienced the strength gains associated with a traditional "resistance climb" but have you experienced the cardiovascular gains from an "accelerating climb"? It's a fight of lungs and legs and...

  • RDE 45 with Stacey (ramp + race)

    A 45 minute Power RDE to challenge both your strength & high end stamina. Each 4 minute climb pushes you from zone 2 to zone 5. You have only 60 seconds recovery before a 3 minute 'time trial effort' in zone 4. 3 repeats with a big ramping climb to finish you in zone 6.

    Power Zones: 1-6

  • RDE 35 with Stacey (the ascent)

    A strength endurance climb with a difference. One climb using just one resistance level but take the power surge challenge past 4 riders as well as the final acceleration to the summit for ascension glory!

    Power zones: 3 + 5
    Difficulty Rating: 8.5/10

  • FTP (functional threshold power) Test + Warm Up

    Time to up your game. Test your fitness with this short 5-minute FTP test (functional threshold power) and warm up. This will test your maximum aerobic power, the most accurate measure of cardiovascular fitness so you can track your fitness gains over time and ensure every class will deliver resu...

  • RDE 30 with Stacey (strength ramps)

    This 30 minute strength strength focussed class has 3 progressive climbs to work you through your power zones.

    Power zones: 2,3,4 + 5
    Difficulty level: 85%

  • RDE 30 with Stacey (chillout)

    De-stress and relax n this 30 minute chill out RDE using the lower power zones. Perfect to bolt on to the end of a tougher power RDE or as a recovery RDE on it's own.

    Power zones: 1, 2 + 3
    Difficulty rating: 70%

  • RDE 35 with Stacey (strength + surge)

    A 35 minute strength and endurance session with micro accelerations space throughout to improve explosive power and mental fortitude.

    Power zones: 3 + 6
    Difficulty rating: 90%

  • RDE 25 with Stacey (HIIT)

    A short but intense interval session using 30 second and 60 second intervals of sub-maximal efforts to push your power and fitness to the limits.

    Power zones: 1, 6 + 7
    Difficulty rating: 90%

  • RDE 30 with Stacey (threshold block training)

    A 30 minute class to challenge both strength and cardiovascular conditioning at your threshold power.

    Power zones: 4
    Difficulty rating: 85%