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Watch this video and more on SPN+ Fitness At Home

Watch this video and more on SPN+ Fitness At Home

CLM Soothing Meditation With Charlotte



  • CLM Stress Release Meditation With Ch...

    This is a meditation to do at anytime of the day to relieve any stress, tension or anxiety enabling you to get on more calmly with your day.

  • CLM Evening Relaxation Meditation Wit...

    This evening meditation is simply about falling asleep. It is perfect if you are having a hard time relaxing or have a little anxiety before you go to bed. It is best done lying down and you may need to roll up blanket under the knees in case of any lower back sensitivities.

  • Wellness Week: Guided Meditation With...

    Power up your goals for the second half of 2020 with a magical guided new moon/solstice meditation. Relax as Emma from Mystical Thinking guides you through a dreamy intention-setting ritual designed to help you tune in, chill out and harness the power of the new moon in Cancer and summer solstice.