Meditation is an ancient tradition, practiced to create a sense of calm and inner harmony. Through our meditation practices we want to bring you to a place of finding awareness and achieving peace. By focusing your attention during meditation you can learn to eliminate the stream of thoughts that may be causing anxiety and stress. A little meditation each day can centre and ground you and help improve your fitness, nutrition and mental clarity bringing a greater sense of wellness.

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  • CLM Morning Ritual Meditation With Abir

  • CLM Soul Restore & Breathing With Charlotte

    Relaxation and breathing exercise can be done at any time of day to help you tap into your rest and digest nervous system, gently switching off your fight/flight mode so that you can find a peaceful relaxed state.

  • CLM Moment To Yourself Meditation With Abir

    Take a moment to centre yourself with breath work and a mindful body scan to calm your nervous system. Press the re-set button before carrying on with your day

  • CLM Peace Balancing Mind & Heart Meditation With Abir

    A calming practice that invites you to explore the balance between mind and heart, using your hands, a specific breath technique and a visualisation to connect the two. Allow yourself to receive and listen to your own inner wisdom

  • CLM Soothing Meditation With Charlotte

    This morning meditation is about finding calm and inner strength. It arms you to start your day calm, strong and centered.

  • CLM Stress Release Meditation With Charlotte

    This is a meditation to do at anytime of the day to relieve any stress, tension or anxiety enabling you to get on more calmly with your day.

  • CLM Evening Relaxation Meditation With Charlotte

    This evening meditation is simply about falling asleep. It is perfect if you are having a hard time relaxing or have a little anxiety before you go to bed. It is best done lying down and you may need to roll up blanket under the knees in case of any lower back sensitivities.

  • Wellness Week: Guided Meditation With Mystical Thinking

    Power up your goals for the second half of 2020 with a magical guided new moon/solstice meditation. Relax as Emma from Mystical Thinking guides you through a dreamy intention-setting ritual designed to help you tune in, chill out and harness the power of the new moon in Cancer and summer solstice.

  • Wellness Week: Breathwork + Meditation With Charlotte Azurdia

    In this session, we will explore some breathing techniques and we will be guided through a short meditation to reduce anxiety, stress and physical tension with the aim of promoting a sense of wellness. By learning breathing and meditation tools, we become better equipped to have more control over...