10 minute meditations for stress and anxiety, sleep, health, gratitude and abundance, healing and more. Plug in your earphones and find peace wherever you are.

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  • Breathing Meditation with Abir

    Feel the rhythm of your breath and connect to the three dimensions of your lungs in this floor based meditation. Leave feeling grateful for a living, breathing body. Props recommended: mat, block, cushion/bolster

  • Healing Meditation with Abir

    Take a moment to yourself. Tap into your inner gaze, your Drishti, to recognise the positive aspects of your life, whilst letting go of the negative. Use the breath to nourish your body, mind and soul.

  • Increased Healing Meditation with Abir

    A guided meditation through the chakra's of the body to bring a sense of awareness and connectedness to the subtle energy centres to increase your capacity for healing.

  • Grounding Meditation with Abir

    Come to experience a deeper silence and stillness in this mountain visualization. Mountains have much to teach us if we can come to listen.

  • Stress + Anxiety Meditation with Abir

    Quieten your nervous system and find a sense of peace in this meditation. Consciously move your attention towards the Vagus nerve, the special ‘wandering’ neve that is associated with resilience in the body and mind.

  • Morning Meditation with Charlotte

    Wake up with Charlotte in this beautiful morning meditation, awakening your senses and gently bringing the body and mind in to connection for the day ahead.

  • Focus Meditation with Charlotte

    If you're feeling scattered, distracted or overwhelmed then this meditation will give you more focus and clarity to be more productive and effective throughout your day.

  • Energising Meditation with Charlotte

    If your feeling a little sluggish or your mind is a little cloudy then this meditation will reinvigorate your mind and body and help you to re-energise your day.

  • Creativity Meditation with Charlotte

    If you are having any creative blocks then this short creativity meditation will help you to push past them and breathe new ilife in to your ideas.

  • Deep Sleep Yoga Nidra Meditation with Charlotte

    A wonderfully peaceful deep sleep meditation with a yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep. It’s a deeply restful state that helps you fall deeper and deeper into the most relaxed possible energy.

  • Deep Sleep Yoga Nidra meditation with Charlotte (2)

    A incredibly restful deep sleep meditation with a yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, a state between sleep and awareness in perfect serenity.