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Watch this video and more on SPN+

FLW 20 with Abir (Hip release)

FLW: Yoga • 23m

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  • FLW 15 with Abir (Post-run stretch)

    A short class for runners to stretch your hamstrings, hips, hip flexors, quads and inner thighs. Finish off with some juicy variations on pigeon that also work on releasing your spine. Pause at the end in a seated position and take a few moments to quieten your nervous system

  • FLW 60 with Abir

    This feel good flow focuses on opening your thoracic spine, chest, side body and shoulders. You'll unwind tension in your front body and psoas with low lunges, high lunge variations and backbends. Complement this work some trunk stabilization, back and hip strengthening postures, and culminate in...

  • FLW with Abir (Strong spine)

    Cultivate a sense of harmony, or Samatva, in this practice which focuses on strengthening the entire backside of the body, while lengthening and toning the front. Begin with some preparatory poses that articulate the spine and engage the core. Create heat with sun salutations, then continue to fl...