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FLW 30 with Abir

FLW - YOGA • 32m

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  • FLW 60 with Charlotte (Grounding FLW ...

    Slow moving yoga flow focussing on stability and connection to the earth. The flow intends to grow your capacity to stay physically grounded into your thoughts + emotions.

  • FLW 60 with Abir (Shoulders, hips+ br...

    This practice is focused on creating a balance of strength and flexibility in the hips and shoulders to increase functional movement and openness in these areas. Using the breath to fill the shape of the poses, expect to warm up with low lunges, sun salutations and creative warrior asanas, streng...

  • FLW 35 with Charlotte (Warrior FLW)

    Invigorating warrior FLW building stability into the body, focussing on core energy. This class incorporates cat cow variations, crescent lunge flow, a warrior sequence with balancing poses and transitioning with energetic vinyasas.