Off Air

Sun 20th September @ 7-8pm - Breathwork to action your dreams

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  • NEW! RDE 20 with Amy (2)

    A short but sweaty RDE working on building up the great rate by adding in resistance with arms and core work.

  • NEW! FLW 30 with Abir (complete core)

    This flow will work on your complete core, from the anterior body to components of your core in the posterior body. Engage your lats, glutes and obliques through lunges, variations on locust pose and crescent salutations with twists. Practice Navasana, boat pose, and end with a deep stretch for y...

  • NEW! TRX FLW 30 with Charlotte (intro...

    A short introduction to TRX FLW using the suspension and learning how to improve your posture and poses.