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  • (TW) Mon 27th Sept @ 17.30pm - Warm Yoga Flow with Abir

  • (SO) Mon 27th Sept @ 13.00pm - Barre Tone 45 with Zoe

    Ballet dancers have lean legs and pert butts for a reason. Our barre tone class does exactly this – we sculpt the entire body using isometric movements on and off the barre. Focusing on strength, alignment and tone while embracing energetic bursts of cardio. The class flows seamlessly with a mode...

  • (SO) Mon 27th Sept @ 9:30am - The SPN Method with Jaime

    Sweat your way through our signature mixed method floor class and experience a variety of our curated workouts in one 45 minute session. The class is designed purely by the playlist to include high energy cardio house, old school hip-hop squats and Ibiza chill yoga flow. A highly motivating class...

  • (TW) Mon 27th Sept @ 8.30am - Dynamic Yoga Flow with Abir

    Our faster-paced, more dynamic yoga flow class is for those who want to inject energy, strength and power into their practice. This class focuses on functional movement through a spirited vinyasa flow and will leave you feeling buzzed with endorphins.

  • (S) Thu 23rd Sept @ 9.30am - Ride 45 with Holly

    9 videos


    9 videos

    Our power RDE's are designed to help you improve your speed and conditioning. There are many benefits to power RDE's using power-based training zones such as achieving training structure, accurate fitness tracking, motivation, help in understanding your strengths and weaknesses to allow you to tr...

  • Deep Sleep Yoga Nidra meditation with Charlotte (2)

    A incredibly restful deep sleep meditation with a yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, a state between sleep and awareness in perfect serenity.

  • Increased Healing Meditation with Abir

    A guided meditation through the chakra's of the body to bring a sense of awareness and connectedness to the subtle energy centres to increase your capacity for healing.

    7 videos


    7 videos

    Gentle workouts designed to help you on your road to recovery from back pain, pelvic floor issues and more. Launching next week!

  • The Big 5 Nutrition Series With Abir

    5 videos

    The big 5 series tackles some of the most debated topics in the field of nutrition. Abir our registered nutritionist takes on each topic providing you with her professional opinion and advice on each subject;

    Talk 1: The diet debate
    Talk 2: Fat, the good, the bad and the ugly
    Talk 3: Supplement...

  • 30 Day Journey To Change: Fitness & Nutrition Plan

    40 videos

    Our '30 Day Journey To Change' is a transformational journey that will change the way you view nutrition and exercise. We have designed this programme to give you the tools to plan balanced and healthy meals, to raise the quality of your diet with a diverse range of fresh and natural ingredients ...