EVENTS: Talks, Workshops + Classes

  • Wellness Week: Guided Meditation With Mystical Thinking

    Power up your goals for the second half of 2020 with a magical guided new moon/solstice meditation. Relax as Emma from Mystical Thinking guides you through a dreamy intention-setting ritual designed to help you tune in, chill out and harness the power of the new moon in Cancer and summer solstice.

  • Wellness Week: Sunset Yoga With Abir Hamza-Goodacre

    A slow-flow sequence for the end of your day to release the residue and relax your mind for a restful evening. Move mindfully through hip openers, hamstring stretches and lunges then ease into gentle twists, side bends and forward folds. Finish with your legs up the wall.

    Props needed: strap

  • Wellness Week: Breathwork + Meditation With Charlotte Azurdia

    In this session, we will explore some breathing techniques and we will be guided through a short meditation to reduce anxiety, stress and physical tension with the aim of promoting a sense of wellness. By learning breathing and meditation tools, we become better equipped to have more control over...

  • Wellness Week: Sound Bath With Alice Rose

    Join Alice Rose on wednesday evening for a midweek pause, she will soothe, relax and restore your mind, body and soul as you receive the sounds of the alchemy crystal singing bowls.

  • Wellness Week: We Talk Sleep With Abir Hamza-Goodacre

    Good sleep is absolutely vital to our wellbeing and mental health. So, why is it so important? Sleep replenishes our energy stores, regenerates tissues, strengthens connections between brain cells and removes waste produced in the body. Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality are becoming more and m...