CORE: Abs + Back

  • NEW! CORE 15 with Amber

    This core burn is a great stand alone session or a wonderful extra boost that can be added to any other class! Sure to set your core on fire, you will not regret this mini burn!

  • CORE 45 with Brooke

    Strengthening all the core muscles with Brooke in a strong CORE 45 class, using optional added weight for building stronger abdominal and back muscles.

  • CORE 35 with Brooke

    Great CORE workout targeting the back and front abdominals with a warm up to begin. 

  • CORE 15 with Sarah

    Sarah is going to take you through a dynamic and punchy CORE class. Feel those abs burn!

  • CORE 20 with Hannah

    A steady core based class working into abs, glutes, core and lower back. Activating all the core muscles.

  • CORE 30 with Brooke

    A strong CORE workout at a relaxed pace, working into glutes, back + abs. Ideal as a stand alone or a perfect post cardio addition!

  • CORE 25 with Brooke

    A steady paced core class focussing on a range of glute, abdominal + lateral movements. Think activation and engagement over burn. A total core conditioner!

  • CORE 60 with Amber

    Join Amber with a full hour long session focusing on building a strong tight core.