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  • 30 Day Journey To Change: Fitness & Nutrition Plan

    40 videos  |   Buy $203.78

    30 Day Journey To Change - £195 (£162.50+VAT)

    Our '30 Day Journey To Change' is a transformational journey that will change the way you view nutrition and exercise. We have designed this programme to give you the tools to plan balanced and healthy meals, to raise the quality of your diet with a ...

  • MNI LFT with Amber

    1 video  |   Rent $2.99

    Have fun with Amber and Bertie in this quick barre series to warm up your feet and work on engaging and strengthening your legs.

  • MNI FLW with Charlotte

    1 video  |   Rent $2.99

    Charlotte and her daughter take you through a 30 minute introduction to yoga through breath and movement using playful visualisation techniques.

  • MNI DNC with Zoe (The Other Side From Trolls)

    1 video  |   Rent $2.99

    Short 5 minute cardio/ stretch warm up. Routine to the chorus of 'The Other Side' from Trolls World Tour