Breathwork is the conscious control of breathing. It can be an incredible tool that helps you on your path to self-discovery, and in the long-term, committed practice can radically transform your life. Through breathwork you can learn to reclaim your power, feel safe in your body, and process unresolved emotions and belief systems.

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  • Breathwork to nourish (part 1)

    This session includes an introduction to breathwork including a full overview of how breathwork can affect digestion, parasympathetic system and emotional landscape. When we feel emotional, we often forget what really nourishes us and reach for quick-hit foods. With breathwork, actively connect w...

  • Breathwork to action your dreams (part 2)

    This session is about calling on your power to get things done in the right way. Whether it's health dreams or life dreams, this breathwork workshop will help you to feel empowered to take action and the energy to sustain the dream and the action. You will turn fatigue, stuckness and dullness int...

  • Breathwork to connect with your calling (part 3)

    This session is about you getting clear on your life purpose, clarity around why you are here. You'll breathe to connect to soul, to see through your blocks and obstacles and to feel a new level of connection to your purpose.

    About your breathwork guide - Jo Cruickshanks:
    Jo is a level 5 breathw...

  • Breathwork for wholeness (part 4)

    The final session will bring in all the aspects from the previous sessions. From here, you will be clear on what you are committed to and how to take action.

    About your breathwork guide - Jo Cruickshanks:
    Jo is a level 5 breathwork practitioner who has been using breathwork on and off in her own...