Align Restore is a class for creating positive postural behaviours, building solid core muscles and most importantly the mind body connection. We recommend this class if you are post injury, suffer low back pain or for preventative measures. Our strength class has more energy and intensity and is great for building strong core muscles while keeping focus on alignment and muscle recruitment.

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  • ALN 15 with Amber (shoulders)

  • ALN 15 with Amber (arms)

  • ALN 15 with Amber (core + back)

  • ALN 15 with Jon ALN (core + back)

  • NEW! ALN 20 with Amber

    Enjoy moving your entire body in this express class, feeling the strength in your core and the power of your legs. This no impact class will get your muscles shaking and boost your energy levels.

  • ALN 60 with Jon (Obliques)

    Obliques, obliques + obliques! Traditional Pilates exercises with some additions to work deep into those side core muscles.

  • ALN 30 with Brooke

    This class is suitable for all levels and a good foundation of Pilates. Brooke will take you through core strengthening exercises with modifications for beginner to intermediate levels.

  • ALN 35 with Brooke

    This class will focus on technique and form whilst working through the classic pilates repertoire.

  • ALN 50 with Amber

    Join Amber for a nice strong ALN Pilates class working into the deep abdominals and obliques in planks, side planks and teasers.

  • ALN + CORE 30 with Jon

    Floor based class focusing on pelvic movements, abdominals, your six pack and obliques.

  • ALN 60 with Jaime

    Join Jaime for a full one hour long Pilates class, you will definitely feel the benefits.

  • ALN 60 with Jaime (Restorative)

    Work on postural and spinal alignment and correct muscle recruitment through movement and exercise. We recommend this class if you are post injury, suffer low back pain or for preventative measures.

  • ALN 20 with Jaime (Low Back Pain)

    A short focussed session to get the spine moving to alleviatre any pressure or pain in the lower back from sitting or poor postural habits.

  • ALN 45 with Jon

    A lovely classical Pilates class with Jon, for improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone. This class has a particular focus on the 'core muscles' of your body balancing muscular strength on both sides of your body.

  • ALN 60 with Amber

    ALN your body with this slow stretch flow. Enjoy long holds as we use breath to find space in the body, releasing tension and tight muscles. Take time to show your body some love and allow your mind to wind down and reset, in this calming restorative class. 

  • NEW! ALN 45 with Jaime