Sophie brings a huge amount of energy and expertise to a multitude of disciplines including Barre, strength and resistance training, indoor cycling and cardio boxing. As one of our in-house trainers Sophie's attention to detail in every part of the class experience is phenomenal, ensuring her clients walk-away feeling they have received world-class training.

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  • LFT 20 with Sophie

    Bum burn with sliders and ankle weights, lunges and leg lift focus. Equipment: Sliders and ankle weights.

  • NEW! FIT 20 with Sophie

    High intensity, full body workout with weights using timed intervals with limited rest. Equipment: 2x lighter dumbells/2x heavy dumbells

  • RDE 20 With Sophie

    A quick, intense blast of hills, endurance runs, sprints and a press up track followed by a stretch.

  • PWR + CORE 30 With Sophie

    Push your body in this high energy power boxing class to include direct core work and a stretch.

  • RDE 45 With Sophie

  • LFT 30 with Sophie

    An express introduction to the "butt burn" using a variety of equipment, the aim is to make sure we fire those glutes and get them working. Lots of squeezing and pulsing using resistance bands, Pilates balll and the barre. Finishing with a barre based stretch.

  • LFT 45 with Sophie

    Bum burn class focusing on glutes and inner thighs using the barre, band and sliders. Includes one upper body weights track and finishes with core work.

  • PWR 45 with Sophie

    High energy and intensity boxing workout using weighted gloves. A focus on jabs, cross and uppercuts working on upper body strength and power. The class finishes with some glute work using a resistance band, followed by a stretch.

  • PWR 25 with Sophie

    Build a strong body in this high energy express boxing class with a focus on all strikes and loads of jumping, finishing the class with press ups and planks.

  • RDE 40 with Sophie

    High energy RDE with a mix of sprints, hill climbs, endurance runs and arm tracks with press up and weights. Get ready to sweat buckets with this beauty!