Brooke, one of our in-house trainers and fully qualified Personal Trainer is strong, resilient and driven. Her dedication to the body is remarkable with a very technical approach, which gets you serious results! When you feel like you can’t go any further, Brooke will get you through.

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  • NEW! TRX 20 with Brooke

    A short blast full body burner suitable for all levels, though some previous TRX experience would be helpful.

  • FIT 20 with Brooke (tabata)

    A high intensity full body blast designed to get your heart rate up with short sharp work combined with minimal rest. Perfect to do if short of time for maximum return.

  • TRX 45 with Brooke

    A full body strength training TRX class. Four circuits working lower body, upper, glutes and hamstrings + core. Aimed at the more experienced TRX user.

  • TRX 25 with Brooke (upper body)

    A great upper body strength workout for all levels focusing on manageable bodyweight resistance training in a circuit style format.

  • TRX 25 with Brooke (lower body)

    A challenging lower body strength and plyometric session focusing on compound movements for optimal muscle activation. Finishing with a short core workout and inclusive of modifications for those new to TRX. 

  • CORE 25 with Brooke

    A steady paced core class focussing on a range of glute, abdominal + lateral movements. Think activation and engagement over burn. A total core conditioner!

  • CORE 30 with Brooke

    A strong CORE workout at a relaxed pace, working into glutes, back + abs. Ideal as a stand alone or a perfect post cardio addition!

  • CORE 35 with Brooke

    Great CORE workout targeting the back and front abdominals with a warm up to begin. 

  • CORE 45 with Brooke

    Strengthening all the core muscles with Brooke in a strong CORE 45 class, using optional added weight for building stronger abdominal and back muscles.

  • FIT + CORE 45 with Brooke

    A fully body strength class using bodyweight intervals with isometric holds to maximise strength gains, finishing with a core focus. Come prepared to work hard, get sweaty and feel fab all day after!

  • FIT + CORE 45 with Brooke (2)

    An equipment free full body workout with a shoulder focus and isometric strengthening movements.

  • FIT 25 with Brooke (tabata)

    A maximum effort full body workout, push yourself to the max! You will be working for short time at near maximum heart rate. Class will include warm up and lower intensity core section with a 4 minute Tabata (This is a high intensity true Tabata class which should only be undertaken if fully fit ...

  • FIT 25 with Brooke (weights)

    Brooke will take you through a dynamic strength training class with an energetic feel.

  • FIT 45 with Brooke (weights)

    A circuit style full body blast with weights. Lower and upper body combo with core to finish. Suitable for all levels using range of DBs.

  • FIT 45 with Brooke

    Filmed as part of our live-streaming series, Brooke will take you through 45 minutes of high tempo body strength and conditioning.

  • ALN 30 with Brooke

    This class is suitable for all levels and a good foundation of Pilates. Brooke will take you through core strengthening exercises with modifications for beginner to intermediate levels.

  • ALN 35 with Brooke

    This class will focus on technique and form whilst working through the classic pilates repertoire.