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Watch this video and more on SPN+ Fitness At Home

Watch this video and more on SPN+ Fitness At Home

MINI FLOW 20 with Abir (cultivating a strong and flexible spine)

1:1 WITH ABIR • 22m

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  • FLOW 25 with Abir - Upper Back Stretch

    A strong and agile body moves evenly in three planes; Saggital (think classic sun salutations, extension and flexion), Coronal (think warrior 2 or triangle poses, abduction and adduction), Transverse (think all kinds of twists, turning and twisting). Explore the body moving three dimensionally in...

  • FLW 30 with Abir (complete core)

    This flow will work on your complete core, from the anterior body to components of your core in the posterior body. Engage your lats, glutes and obliques through lunges, variations on locust pose and crescent salutations with twists. Practice Navasana, boat pose, and end with a deep stretch for y...

  • CORE FLOW 20 with Abir (core strength)

    Strengthen your core muscles with this effective practice that focuses on the muscles at the front and back of the core. Find containment in the poses by engaging the pelvic floor muscles and enjoy a little flow at the same time.