Abir is not only our in-house nutritionist but also a yoga teacher with years of training, bringing wellness full circle. Her classes will make you feel healthy, grounded and strong and bring a sense of peace with her soothing voice. Inspired by the traditional practice of yoga, her style is contemporary with a modern influence in her music selection. Abir is an absolute zen master.

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  • YOGA FLOW 75 with Abir (5)

    Explore the connection between your sensory back body and actioning front body with a flowing practice that engages the muscles in your shoulders, spine, core and hips. Move through creative variations on sun salutes, eagle pose and warrior 3. Culminate in some deep stretches and twists. Props: ...

  • DYNAMIC YOGA 45 With Abir (Vinyasa 2)

  • YOGA FLOW 75 with Abir (4)

  • Yoga FLOW 75 with Abir (3)

  • Sonic Sound FLW 75 with Abir + Alice Rose

    Journey through this practice to the sounds of healing crystal bowls. The asanas incorporate a series of twists to nourish the spine and cleanse the body. You will engage your abdominals, mobilise hips and shoulders and lengthen your spine to increase your range of motion in twisting postures. Pr...

  • FLW 75 with Abir

    Tap into your Drishti to find balance on the mat with a practice that invites you to attune your field of visibility and to focus with intention. Use the ground as your anchor and find continuity of breath during a soft asana flow that culminates in a series of balances. Close with short, groundi...

  • MINI FLOW 20 with Abir (cultivating a strong and flexible spine)

    Warm the spine up to increase strength and flexibility, find core engagement and prepare the body for deeper twists and backbends. Culminate in Natarajasana, Dancer’s Pose and close with a neutralizing seated position – the perfect place from which to move into a meditation practice.
    Props: 1 blo...

  • YOGA FLOW 25 with Abir - Upper Back Stretch

    A strong and agile body moves evenly in three planes; Saggital (think classic sun salutations, extension and flexion), Coronal (think warrior 2 or triangle poses, abduction and adduction), Transverse (think all kinds of twists, turning and twisting). Explore the body moving three dimensionally in...

  • FLW 30 with Abir (complete core)

    This flow will work on your complete core, from the anterior body to components of your core in the posterior body. Engage your lats, glutes and obliques through lunges, variations on locust pose and crescent salutations with twists. Practice Navasana, boat pose, and end with a deep stretch for y...

  • CORE FLOW 20 with Abir (core strength)

    Strengthen your core muscles with this effective practice that focuses on the muscles at the front and back of the core. Find containment in the poses by engaging the pelvic floor muscles and enjoy a little flow at the same time.

  • FLW 65 With Abir (Energising Morning Flow)

    Move through this well-rounded practice that works the whole body to leave you feeling energized yet calm. Start with hip and shoulder openers on the mat, before you flow through variations on Sun Salutes C & A. Move through some back strengthening poses then build some heat in warrior 2, side an...

  • FLW 65 With Abir (Finding Your Centre In Backbends)

    A practice that prepares the body intelligently for back bending postures by focusing on the actions that will lengthen your spine, strengthen your back and decompress your lower-back. Find length in your side body, opening in the shoulders and connect to your core muscles, which include the pelv...

  • DYNAMIC FLOW 45 With Abir (NRG Vinyasa)

    An invigorating whole body practice linking breath and movement. Expect a creative sequence that strengthens, stretches and expands your body in all directions. The class culminates in crow pose (Bakasana) and closes with seated twists and forward folds to release the spine and cool the body. Equ...

  • FLW 65 With Abir

    Connect to your inner teacher as you move through this soulful practice to explore what you already know. A flowing sequence that takes you through shoulder and hip openers, lunges, warrior and half-moon poses. Move into a variation of Garudasana, eagle pose, and as you transition into a relaxing...

  • FLW 35 with Abir (Foundation Hatha)

    This hatha practice offers a steady opening of the hips with lunge variations, warrior poses, wide legged forward folds and Eka Pada Utkatasana, standing figure four pose. Build strength and flexibility in the spine at the same time, as you move with intention through low cobra, locust pose and t...

  • FLW 30 with Abir (Foundation Hatha)

    Unlock some of the tension and tightness in your body with this class that moves slowly through shoulder, back and hip openers. Strengthen the legs with high lunge and warrior poses and finish with a delicious release on the legs, back and hips in variations of Supta Padangusthasana, reclined han...

  • FLW 35 with Abir

    Loosen up your body with this well-rounded flow that will set you up for your day. Expect to feel energised yet calm.

  • FLW 60 with Abir

    This feel good flow focuses on opening your thoracic spine, chest, side body and shoulders. You'll unwind tension in your front body and psoas with low lunges, high lunge variations and backbends. Complement this work some trunk stabilization, back and hip strengthening postures, and culminate in...

  • MINI FLOW 15 with Abir (Post-run stretch)

    A short class for runners to stretch your hamstrings, hips, hip flexors, quads and inner thighs. Finish off with some juicy variations on pigeon that also work on releasing your spine. Pause at the end in a seated position and take a few moments to quieten your nervous system

  • FLW 20 with Abir (Hip release)

    Release tension in your hips with this short sweet flow. Expect some core work and lower back strengthening exercises to bring structure to the whole hip area. With a balance of stretching and toning, this class provides an all round release.

  • FLW 60 with Abir (2)

    This complete practice will guide you intelligently towards backbends, culminating with variations on Ustrasana, camel pose, and option for Urdhva Dhanurasana, full wheel. Challenge yourself by taking variations in a pose you haven’t tried before or modify to remain in your body and meet your int...

  • FLW 25 with Abir (Sun salute)

    Flow through a faster paced vinyasa class to invigorate the body and mind. Energising floor work followed by a series of sun salutes and a twist to finish. The perfect flow to begin your day with.

  • FLW 30 with Abir

    Get a full body workout with this short stretchy feel good flow. Class includes hip openers, twists and heart opening poses to free mind, body and spirit.